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Advanced Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity - World Health Organization 1948.

When improving the appearance of teeth the practice adopts a balanced approach of intervention with non- aggressive treatment. By adopting this approach we hope to ensure good results for the patient which will be easily maintained for long term health.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is becoming a very popular procedure to improve the appearance of stained or ageing teeth. It is very easy to do, is safe and can give great results. We are keen on this approach as it incurs no damage to the to the structure of the teeth

After mouldings are made of the patients mouth thin trays like gum shields are made for the patient to wear for around half an hour a day. Treatment usually takes from between 2-6 weeks. This treatment is often carried out to achieve a good background brightness prior to other restorative work.

Tooth coloured fillings

Failing grey metal fillings can often be replaced with tooth coloured alternatives with more aesthetic tooth coloured new ones. Modern tooth coloured fillings, as they are bonded into the tooth, can often provide a stronger restoration than a metal one protecting the tooth against future damage. They are not suitable for every situation

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Ceramic crowns and veneers

These restorations can provide the ultimate in dental aesthetics. We are lucky enough to have a good working relationship with one of the country’s leading dental ceramists.

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At Market Street Dental Practice we have significant experience in restoring more complex dental problems. It is often possible not only to restore function for a patient but to improve the aesthetics at the same time. We have acquired the expertise to advise patients on how best to achieve the best long term results using the latest dental technology.

No matter how much the dentition has deteriorated we can always do something to improve the function and appearance of a patients mouth.

Dental Implants

Despite our best efforts sometimes teeth are lost. Dental implants are very often the best way to restore spaces. They can be used to restore single missing teeth several teeth or even a whole dental arch, to restore normal function. They are popular as unlike dentures they do not move and unlike bridgework they do no damage to the surrounding natural teeth.

Single tooth implant

single implant

The placement of a dental implant involves a small surgical procedure. The vast majority of our patients are surprised how easy it is.

'I was very nervous at the time about the procedure but I need not have worried because Scott was so supportive and it was far easier that I thought' - Flora Simpson.

Advanced implants

single implant

Placing implants in patients who have larger gaps or dentures can transform patients’ lives. They can be used to either replace dentures or greatly improve their stability and retention.

'It was so nice to go out with my friends and relatives to the restaurant and pick what I wanted from the menu' - Joan Wight